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imagine bucky tracking down the people who turned him into the winter soldier and everyone expects him to kill them and they even think he maybe has the right to but he doesn't, he turns them over and walks away because he's done with them, he's done playing into their hands


imagine bucky making a conscious choice not to engage in any more needless violence once he’s free; his whole history is painted red with all the things these people forced him to do, and he doesn’t want everything he is to be defined by violence anymore. he’s had enough; he wants to be more than a tool, a soldier, and he starts by walking away.

Ghosts in the Machine*


Rambling meta on Steve, SHIELD/HYDRA and the Winter Soldier. (with some bonus natasha and sam).

basically: this film was entirely about how people are the ghosts in even the most perfectly controlled machines, whether that be a human body a national security force, or a tidal wave of manufactured, mechanized new-age fear. And Cap? He’s a really fucking good medium.

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Imagine a future confrontation with Rumlow where he taunts Bucky for the brainwashing scene. (Bc you know the shots of him during that scene were there for a reason)

"Does your Captain know, Soldier?" Rumlow scoffs. "Does he know how pathetic you are? I know. I saw you," he spits blood out of the…



I don’t really understand how “social justice” became an insulting term. 

"Oh my GOD, you’re attempting to address the inequalities you experience personally and are shedding light on the struggles of others?! WOW FUCK YOU." 



'A strong man who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion' is kind of the moral of the first Captain America movie

Which is true

Except for Bucky, who was always kind to Steve; he was his best friend through…



Come talk to me about demisexual Bucky Barnes.

Because when he’s the Winter Soldier he might as well be completely asexual because he’s never had a deep emotional attachment, or any emotional attachment, to anyone ever that he can remember.

And so when he meets Steve on the causeway the enormous rush of emotions, the love and desire and warmth that’s he’s never ever felt before, is so completely overwhelming that all it takes is his name on Steve’s lips to put a deep crack in the layers of brainwashing and electric shock.


Don’t want to rain on your parade and I am 100% for demisexual/asexual Bucky Barnes, but…

This is not what asexuality is.

Stop woobifying Bucky



Bucky is not some lost little lamb who got turned around. James Buchanan Barnes was a soldier, a sergeant who rose from the drafted ranks, a sniper, a survivor, and before that, a man who finished fights his best friend was too stupid not to start and too weak to win. He had a far more gray moral code than Steve Rogers, right from the start, and he was a killer by the time he was captured by Hydra.

Hydra didn’t make the weapon, they honed it.

I’m not saying he’s a villain, because he’s not. I’m not saying he deserves the guilt for his work as the Winter Soldier. I’m saying that Bucky Barnes was never an innocent, and that’s why this is so hard for him. The thing that was taken away from his was his choice. Sergeant James Barnes chose to work with Captain America as part of the Howling Commandos. He chose to kill people as part of that work. And he did it because he believed it was right.

The Winter Soldier never chose to carry out the assassinations he was responsible for.

That’s the tragedy of Bucky Barnes.

Agreed. I’ve always thought that the most interesting (and tragic) part of Bucky’s story is that the Soviets/HYDRA took something that was an inherent part of him and twisted it for their own ends, not that they turned him into something he’s not.

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