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Okay, this is just A THING THAT REALLY BOTHERS ME ABOUT THE WINTER SOLDIER, I’m putting it under a cut because I guess I’m the only person with this opinion.

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Reblogging myself to add more commentary.

It really, REALLY bugs me when people say repetitive speech or simple words are a “childlike” way of speaking.

First, a lot of children beyond like the age of two don’t talk like that. Second, the way you speak does not correlate with how you think. Plenty of people, plenty of intelligent people, plenty of mature adults aren’t eloquent and/or have trouble talking. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE THE MENTAL CAPACITY OF CHILDREN.

(And I’m probably not qualified to speak about this but I feel like it’s kind of ableist to say that’s the case?)


23. clint takes bucky to broadway plays, just to see what happens; he loves them and goes around singing phantom of the opera for months, much to steve’s chagrin.

I’m having flashbacks to that time I tried playing Phantom of the Opera songs and got drowned in Steve & Bucky feels instead D:

  • Me:

    Man, I sure would like to write a Captain America American Civil War AU.

  • Me:

    But oh jeez, it'll probably take a while to do all the research on the Civil War...

  • Me:

    And the social history of America during/right before that time...

  • Me:

    And I leave for school in two weeks...

  • Me:

  • Me:

  • Me:

    *lies down, contemplates own failure*

Reaching For What We Can't See - WhatTheBodyGraspsNot

I’ve been wondering about this fic, actually.

I see from the comments that the author didn’t tag this “asexuality” until someone asked them to, and apparently this resonated with some ace readers, and obviously I can’t speak for every ace experience out there.

But…viewing this as a fic about asexuality buys into some harmful stereotypes, I think. Like the way it’s framed as Bucky “becoming” asexual because of his trauma, and the way asexuality is framed as a loss. (Also, asexuality is not synonymous with reduced sex-drive.)

This fic has a lot of hits as ace!Bucky fics go, and I just really hope people don’t look at this and get wrong ideas about what asexuality is.

By creating quality comics of powerful female superheroes, the comic book world is opening up to a new audience of women and girls as well as giving already hooked fans more of the powerful women they’ve come to know and love.

DC Comics, another major player in comics, has also joined the trend of bringing female characters to the forefront. It has “Wonder Woman” flying solo in a self-titled series, as well as “Supergirl” and even Batman characters like “Batgirl”, “Catwoman” and “Harley Quinn”.

The above (from the Huffington Post) is a sign of why good PR is important, and why DC really, really needs to step up on the issue of diversity in superhero comics.

In a story using the new Thor as a hook, DC merits a “has also joined the trend of bringing female characters to the forefront,” instead of the more accurate “DC led the trend, with seven ongoing titles out of its 2011 relaunch featuring female solo leads at a time when Marvel only had two ongoing female solo leads,” with DC’s number not dropping below seven since then while Marvel managed to reach a point later that year where it has zero ongoing series featuring female leads

The HuffPo piece (and this Daily Beast piece from the weekend) point out not just how well the Marvel Hype Machine works these days in framing the narrative but almost more importantly just how badly DC does the same thing (It also points out how eagerly journalists for major news outlets eat up talking points instead of going out and researching things sometimes, but that’s neither here nor there).

In all of the news about the replacement Captain America, it’s surprising that no one — myself included — brought up that DC has had a black Superman for the last few months in Earth-2 (or longer, if you want to look at Grant Morrison’s continued use of the Superman from Earth-23). With all the push about diversity in Marvel, no one pointed out that the publisher doesn’t have a solo gay lead, whereas DC’s been putting Batwoman out there for the last three years (Not to mention Green Lantern in Earth-2 or Constantine, who’s bi, I think? He was in Hellblazer, but who can tell in the New 52?).

These are all alternate talking points that DC could (should?) be pushing out there in order to point out that, really, it’s not got a “crisis” or playing catch-up; it’s been there for some time, but not making the same kind of look at us look at us we have friends who aren’t white straight males noises as Marvel whenever it makes these decisions. But, instead, they just sit back and… I don’t know. Hope that someone notices?

(All of which shouldn’t be taken as a “Marvel, you are terrible,” or whatever — it’s not, and its PR machine is very good at what it does — but as a “DC, at this point, you’re practically causing your own bad press.”)

Ramble, ramble…

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And the second of the two.

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Uh, yup to all of this.

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Shoutout to all the artists on Tumblr who work on something for weeks and only get 4 notes

Shoutout to all the artists on Youtube who do amazing speedpaints and, if they’re lucky, will get 500 views

Shoutout to all underappreciated artists who do amazing work and receive no recognition

Shoutout to the authors who stay up late into the night for weeks at a time writing a novel only to have it never be published.

Shoutout to the writers who seamlessly put together amazing paragraphs of wonderful work but are so often disregarded because of a lack of infamy.

Personal stuff: venting edition

I’m not sure how common this is, but sometimes, as a writer, I feel so completely alone.

Whenever I get stuck on something (i.e. plot), I’ll try to puzzle through it myself first but then eventually get to the stage at which I beg people for help, but people are just like “I don’t know what to tell you, I’m sure you’ll figure it out yourself.” And sometimes I just collapse under the pressure, because writing and plotting are still things that I struggle with a lot and the state of my unfinished drafts folders is just pathetic.

And sometimes I get so invested in a particular story and I want to babble about every little aspect of it and of course no one wants to listen, because I’m the only one who cares that much. So I just hang out in my own little mental corner, talking to myself and trying not to feel like a loser.

Ughh, I don’t know. Sometimes it feels like as I get older, I just get more and more anxious about everything. I feel like I can’t talk about my problems because (a) no one around me really understands why the things that bother me bother me and (b) it’s selfish, so then I’ll ramble online and then feel like that’s so selfish, too.

  • Me:

    So...I've been working on this fanfic and I invested too much in it not to post this, but I need to know if it's not utter trash???

  • Sis:

    I liked it! You should post it!

  • Me:

    ...You don't have anything else to say?

  • Sis:

    Nope! It's great!

  • Me:


  • Me:

    *posts it*

  • Me:

    *checks comments*

  • Comments:


  • Me:

  • Me:

    I didn't expect that. Whoops.

  • Me:

    So are my sister and I just sadists, or...?

  • Me:

    Also, should I issue a public apology...?

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